Partners and Affiliates

I work closely with the organisations listed on this page to provide additional value to my audience and clients.

Feel free to contact me directly to discuss an introduction to any of the organisations listed below.

There are 3 categories of partners and affiliates on this page:

  1. Enterprise – Software, hardware and service providers who I work with in my professional ERP consulting business
  2. Contractor and Freelancer – Services to support my audience of technology contractors and freelancers, for which I consume all of these services to run my business
  3. Brand Development – Tools and services I use for my personal and business brand development

Many of the organisations listed here are part of my affiliate network and when you receive an introductory discount or referral I may also value from that transaction.



Kell-tech provides a wide range of SAP-centric professional services from strategic planning, project implementation and technical support.

My practice has worked alongside Kell-tech for over 20 years and our strategic partnership provides day-to-day value across a FTSE 100 and S&P 500 client base.

SIOS Technology Corp.

SIOS provides a wide range of High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions for both Windows and Linux environments across physical/virtual on-premise and cloud/hybrid-cloud platforms. SIOS has a variety of purpose-built availability solutions to maintain system uptime, protect your business from local or regional failures and also manage planned maintenance windows with minimal or no business downtime. 


EPI-USE Labs provide a range of SAP Landscape Optimisation tools and services. From data sanitisation for compliance to system copy tools to reduce the size – and cost – of your SAP footprint,

EPI-USE Labs have a variety of industry proven tooling and expertise to manage various data aspects of your SAP solution.

Contractor and Freelancer

Crunch Accounting

Join me and 11,000 other companies who trust Crunch with their business finances. You’ll get the perfect combination of accountancy software & service for freelancers, contractors, self-employed, and small businesses.

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I use IPSE to protect myself and my business from the legal costs to cover a revenue tax investigation.

IPSE also offer a wide range of other tax compliance and contract review services, injury cover, illness cover and even jury service cover.

Sign up via and receive £50 off your first years PLUS membership cover.


I use Qdos for a wide range of services including IR35 contract reviews and professional indemnity insurance.Their legal team have been invaluable in supporting and leading on contract reviews with my clients. Their insurance services are uncomplicated and quick and easy to sign up for. Providing all the basic insurance necessities a freelancer needs to get started.

Sign up via


I have used Abacus Associates for several years for investment planning, wealth protection and growth. They offer a wide range of services from insurance to pensions and strategic investments.

A freelancer friendly service who value themselves on building 1:1 relationships with their clients. My account manager has become a good personal friend.

Brand Development


A newsletter and marketing campaign tool with beautiful templates, easy to use workflows and incredible dashboard reporting and analytics.

This is the tool I use to send you my fantastic newsletters.

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