18. Going Nose To Tail On Food With Steve Guy

Cultures were forged by the food they consume and the ingredients that they once traded. Centuries of specialised crafts – which are still livelihoods – were developed around animal-based products. I’m becoming more aware of how the rapidly changing global narrative around meat consumption is unfairly denigrating cultural identities. Industrialisation and unethical animal-based farming practices […]

17. Drifting Between Liminal Communities with Rev. Jeff Grant

Meet Rev. Jeff Grant. Once a drifter. Now a traveller.  One who through suffering, pain and wreckage discovered a community. Hiding in the shadows. Under the abject shame of rejection. A community providing acceptance and belonging to fellow travellers. Rev. Jeff is an ordained minister serving the white-collar justice community. His position holds a special […]

16. Rejecting The Patriarchy With Vanessa Osage

Vanessa Osage is a journeywoman. On a voyage of remediation to mend a loophole in the schooling system. One that has concealed the historic sexual exploitation of children. And a governance model – that unfortunately – still fails to adequately protect and serve our most treasured assets. Our children. Vanessa is a sexuality educator, president […]

15. The Invalidation of Experience with Candice Mama

Candice Mama knows how to make an entrance.  A humanitarian. An author. And an ambassador for post-conflict reconciliation. Featured in Vogue Magazine and recognised by the African Union as one of the top inspiring women of our present. And a former face of Mac Cosmetics South Africa. Candice’s personal story of forgiveness and transformation has […]

14. On Writing, Friendship and The Mangrove with Farrukh Dhondy

An iconic writer, author and political activist. A friend to literary figures that have influenced civil rights movements and world leaders. An integral spoke in a wheel of influence – Farrukh Dhondy.  Farrukh’s career achievements are self-evident. A diverse body of work that spans decades to a rich set of acquaintances that he holds so […]

13. Sparking Connection Through Storytelling with Marsha Shandur

When we are attracted to those who are successful or inspire us. It’s their innate ability to tell a story. That’s the attribute that charms us and creates a spark. A spark is likely to catalyse a physical or emotional connection. And it’s from this connection that the storyteller can truly showcase their message, their […]

12. Bravery in the Face of Ethical Uncertainty with Olivia Gambelin

The human condition is a complex and unpredictable amalgamation of multiple intelligence characteristics.  Our ability to make effective decisions requires us to make linguistic, spatial, emotional and ethical judgements. Artificial Intelligence doesn’t yet cover everything we perceive to be intelligence.  Computer-based data models, assumptions, algorithms and even ethical frameworks are provided by humans. Containing the […]

11. Deconstructing a Difficult Conversation with Nicole Posner

Conflict is a regular occurrence in business, work and life. I often walk away from a difficult conversation and later kick myself when I realise what I should have said.  I like to believe that I’m a fairly empathetic individual. Many of the characteristics around empathy are key to effectively engaging in a difficult conversation. […]

10. Correcting Reality with Craig Stanland

I’m super excited to share my conversation with a new friend; Craig Stanland. His story is quite unconventional. Craig defrauded Cisco at a tune of just over $1m and was incarcerated for his crime in a federal prison in Connecticut. Each time Craig hit the enter button to process a fraudulent transaction, he wasn’t just […]

9. Turning Ideas into Positive Impact with Mauro Cozzi

There is sufficient venture capitalist funding for every business to become a positive impact business. With this in mind, what is the formula for launching a successful startup? Generate ideas Test ideas Execute on an idea Fail  Rinse and repeat Fairly simple right? But the secret sauce in the success of a startup is largely […]


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