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5. The Sustainable Enterprise with Mike Mcilroy

In this episode, my guest Mike Mcilory takes you on a journey from 1970’s Liverpool to the modern world at this present time. Mike spent his formative years growing up in the recession-hit city of Liverpool. We explore how his environment in the 70’s not only shaped Mike but became the underpinning principles to why he co-founded Liberas Solutions.

Mike’s team are now using their experience in the field of ERP to help organisations forecast, execute and monitor their net-zero carbon emission targets. Carbon accounting is a digital process that will enable organisations to become socially responsible. 


  • Why the sustainable enterprise that focuses on people and planet will win in this new economy
  • How the combination of people, fear and vulnerability can catalyse positive economic and climatic change
  • The value of associates and your responsibility towards your professional network, your friends and your neighbours
  • How organisations and competitors are working together to reduce their carbon footprint
  • How young people and not government or business are influencing change to attitudes in the market
  • How we can sustain this velocity of environmental change, which has been accelerated by the pandemic
  • How carbon net-zero will drive a global contracting workforce and the benefits


“This pandemic feels like a reset, a greater power has turned the world on its side, found the factory reset button and stuck a pin in it.” – Mike

“Countries such as India have been recycling for centuries, out of necessity. Setting a standard that the globe has largely been ignoring.” – Bobby

“Young people have a better idea when it comes to politics, they are not cynical like us old hacks!” – Mike

“If you do argue around climate change you look a little bit deranged, you look like the crank now.” – Mike

“Our ways of working have to change, we have tactically changed how we work, but not the way in which we work.” – Bobby


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