Captain Nemo’s Data Centre Under the Sea

Enthusiasts have been water-cooling PCs and even enterprise servers for years.  So surely water cooling an entire data centre by dropping it into the ocean, can’t really be that ridiculous of an idea?… can it? Well, it’s not. Because that’s exactly what Microsoft did when they deployed Project Natick Phase 2 off the coast of […]

Mastery of craft

We rarely, if ever – use the term “craft” to reference any form of discipline in the field of IT.  The term is largely associated with a carpenter, an artist, a musician or even a brewer of fine ales. By defintion – a craft is a skill mastered by creating something by hand, obtained by […]

Quality decision-making – What’s your boardgame?

A board room is one of those occasionally used spaces, off the grid of the online booking system and with its own sense of exclusivity. I should remember them for their character destroying building experiences. But it’s the scent of the room, that I recall most. Undertones of leather masking an obscure aroma of heavy cleaning products. […]

mumbai calling it project saved by a biscuit parle-g parleg Bobby Jagdev

Mumbai calling – The IT project saved by a biscuit

Let me take you on a journey, from Birmingham to the city of Mumbai. As the plane descends onto the runway, the first thing that strikes you is the sheer scale of corrugated iron and blue tarpaulin roofed huts. The sprawl of the nearby slum wraps itself around the airport, tightly consuming every square inch […]

Unclouding – Do you need a cloud exit strategy?

The CEO of a leading cloud provider was recently quoted as saying, that organisations not transforming their business to adopt the cloud were defying gravity and by not being “all-in”, toe-dippers were risking giving their competitors the edge. The benefits of cloud computing for ERP are immense and well publicised. However I do feel as […]

launching your erp into the clouds Bobby Jagdev

Launching your ERP into the clouds

The words “digital” and “cloud computing” seem to be embedded throughout every ERP presentation today. You can’t get away from promises of reducing risk, cost and faster deployments to enable your “digital transformation”. But when you lift the lid – what does this really mean? When a mission critical SAP/ERP implementation undergoes a major technology […]