Matthew Dytkowski takes you into the world of Phreaking. A subculture of phone hacking enthusiasts who exploited loopholes in the telephony system. Matthew and his friends soon redirected this passion for networking and comms into establishing an accidental startup. They built and sold one of the first Internet Service Providers in Swiebodzin, Poland.

“Everyone knew each other, that network not only connected our computers but all of our families.”

Matthew Dytkowski

Since relocating to the UK, Matthew is now using his passion for technology to design and build bespoke enterprise-class infrastructure for a diverse set of industries. In this episode, we are reminded of why edge/on-premise computing is still a highly active industry.


  • The motives behind one of the oldest forms of hacking and some of the methods used by Phreaking enthusiasts
  • How a group of friends networked together a physical community and the mechanics behind how they supplied fibre internet access at a time when most people were still using dial-up modems
  • An engineer’s view of bespoke enterprise appliance builds to support the movie industry, machine learning and prototyping to support advanced manufacturing
  • Why and how on-premise computing is still at the heart of many business requirements
  • A day in the life of Matthew and how Broadberry is uniquely positioned to – genuinely – harvest an intrapreneurial culture

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“I want to show people value because I believe whenever you’re running a business, what you should be selling is not the product, but the solution to the problem.” – Matthew

“Let’s not forget, 80% of today’s worlds data is unstructured, so machine learning helps you structure the data and deliver an outcome.” – Matthew


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