I’m Bobby Jagdev. A son. A husband. A father of two. And owner of an SAP consulting practice.

For the last 20 years, my practice has supported some of the world’s largest corporations with enterprise technology enablement. Buzzword decoded: This really means… designing and implementing the systems that sell us energy, make our medicines, equip our armies, and even collect our garbage.

The events of 2020 – if we haven’t forgotten already – shook the core of my business. And provided me with an opportunity to reassess my mental, professional and physical framework.

As an advocate for change – technology and personal – the events of 2020 were an opportunity. One that provided a resharpened lens on life, love and the pursuit of alignment.

I love talking to people and making new friends so I started a podcast.

I love fitness and hiking so I now make a conscious effort to devote time to these pursuits.

I love my family so I became present in their lives and rebalanced my commitments.

I love my work so I targeted my skills and offerings to add more value to my clients.

In the midst of the chaos of 2020, I also turned 40. Celebrating a reflective milestone in a year that reset our way of life. A year that forced us to revaluate our purpose. A year that profoundly impacted our modality of existence. Our relationships. How we work. How we love. And how we exist.

This website is a reflection of my personal and professional reboot.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and if I can be of service feel free to reach out.



Here are some episodes to get you started…