I’m Bobby Jagdev and welcome to my digital portal.

Like many of you, my world is a little different right now. Apart from not being able to physically connect with people, I don’t want much of it to change. The pandemic provided me with a new lens, an opportunity to reinvent and resurface through the ashes of this cataclysmic event. I’ve created something new. A reshaped business and a reshaped outlook on life.


I have a multiverse of experience in delivering big SAP change projects. This experience is now neatly packaged up into a freelance advisory service. I’ve been an independent consultant for along as I can remember. However, my clients – new and old – are leveraging the benefit of calling on my services as/when needed. My global clients include FTSE/NASDAQ organisations across various sectors.

If you want to work with me via my consulting services you can find out more here.

I also support a niche set of hardware and software suppliers via an affiliate scheme. If you want to work with me via my affiliate program you can find out more here.


As an experienced technologist I also provide a range of professional advice and support to fellow technology consultants. If you want to work with me via my coaching services you can find out more here.

The Bobby Jagdev Podcast

The podcast has changed the personal and professional trajectory of my life. I dive deep into various domains with social innovators from around the world. I do this to widen the aperture of my lens. Socially. Intellectually. Culturally. And Spiritually.

Each and every conversational experience has changed me. The velocity of change has been rather unexpected. I’ve also made a bunch of new friends along the way. 

One mission. Emotionally engaged long-form conversation. For which there are no boundaries to the domains.

If you want to work with me via my podcast you can email me directly at bobby.jagdev@gmail.com.

I’m sharing everything I know. It may seem fragmented in places but if there’s value to a fellow human; it’s a worthwhile endeavour. Being vulnerable in conversation that is shared across the world can be scary. But it can also be immensely fulfilling, knowing that if only one person finds value, the mission is achieved.

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